Why visit France?

What is the most visited country in the world? According to the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), France is the most popular country to visit. France attracts 82.6 million tourists a year. It is a phenomenal number, especially considering France is nearly the same size as the American state of Texas.

The main reason travellers descend on France is Paris. The City of Love attracts honeymooners, romantics, and history buffs thanks to its landmarks. The capital city is flush with great museums as well. Millions of people visit the city just for the chance to explore the Louvre. Of course, the Eiffel Tower is another attraction that tourists flock to see.

France’s compact size makes it possible to visit its other great tourist locales. Marseille, Nice, and Monaco are popular tourist destination located on the Mediterranean Sea. You can experience a far different atmosphere and climate in these coastal cities.

Lyon is a gastronomic hotspot. Foodies from all over the world travel to Lyon to sample the menus of renowned chefs. Bordeaux is France’s famous wine growing region. A trip to Bordeaux is a visit to the country’s heartland. Vineyards, local festivals, and quaint inns are bountiful in Bordeaux. The Alsace region is a popular destination for travellers looking for sleepy villages with an old-world Europe atmosphere.

Short distances make France easy to get around. You can hire a car and drive from city to city or easily take a train to your next destination.

No matter if you are looking for villages that look straight out of a fairy-tale book or modern locations with five-star hotels, France has something for everyone. France is the world’s most popular travel destination for a reason and a trip to the European country won’t disappoint.

Paris - 685 hotels to choose from.


Cannes - 179 hotels to choose from.


Nice - 176 hotels to choose from.


Lyon - 130 hotels to choose from.


Bordeaux - 110 hotels to choose from.


Marseille - 98 hotels to choose from.


Regions of France